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Mind is like empty space…
When the sun rises… empty space does NOT gain in brightness
When the sun sets… empty space does NOT darken
Light and dark are just phenomena within empty space that alternate with each other…
BUT the nature of empty space itself remains unchanged
~ Zen Master Huang Po

Sunrise and sunset within empty space – is like our thoughts and emotions (i.e., mental activity) rising and setting withinour minds.

Meditation opens a gateway into this larger space by relaxing our tendency to identify with the thoughts and emotions that usually fill it up.This capacity to relax and trust in the open space of being is essential in creative work. Artists, scientists, inventors, and mathematicians often make their most creative discoveries in moments when they are not directly concentrating on the problem at hand, but relaxing and giving it space to be. The deepest spiritual realizations also arise out of this alert empty-mindedness, which allows the mind to move upon silence, into self-arising wisdom. Come and experience this relaxed state into the expansiveness.

Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be seated on the floor.

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