The essence of our mind is like space, for it is
  • Unobstructed, never limited of confined by the thoughts or feelings arising within it
  • Omnipresent, always immediately available, and extending in all directions
  • Impartial, allowing everything to be what it is
  • Vast, extending infinitely beyond all the mind’s limitations
  • Formless, unable to be contained within any conceptual box
  • Pure, uncontaminated by anything that arises within it
  • Stable, neither arising nor passing away, but the ever-present ground of all passing experience
  • Beyond existence, for it cannot be located in any definite way
  • Beyond nonexistence, for it is not simply nothing, but rather a clear, bright presence
  • Ungraspable, for it cannot be fixed or held on to in any way

Meditation opens a gateway into this larger space by relaxing our tendency to identify with the thoughts and emotions that usually fill it up.

This capacity to relax and trust in the open space of being is essential in creative work. Artists, scientists, inventors, and mathematicians often make their most creative discoveries in moments when they are not directly concentrating on the problem at hand, but relaxing and giving it space to be. The deepest spiritual realizations also arise out of this alert empty-mindedness, which allows the mind to move upon silence, into self-arising wisdom.
Come and experience this relaxed state into the expansiveness.

Looking forward to your presence.

Date: 16 Oct 2015, Friday
Time: 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Venue: 妙心林 Good Hearts Garden, Singapore

Please watsapp/sms me at 8366 1996 or email with your contact no. to reserve your place. Please wear comfortable clothing as we will be seated on the floor.

With Loving Kindness,
Jian Xin Shifu

About Venerable Shi Jian Xin

Venerable Jian Xin has been a practising Buddhist for more than 20 years. Due to her immense interest in the Dharma, right after graduation from University, she pursued postgraduate studies for three years at Yuan Kuang Buddhist Research Institute in Taiwan. She also has a Master’s Degree in Buddhist Studies from the University of London.

Venerable Jian Xin also holds a Specialist Diploma in Counselling and Guidance and a Postgraduate Diploma in Satir Systemic Brief Therapy. She used to work as a professional Counsellor and Therapist for 15 years. She has assisted many individuals to gain insights, clarity and direction in their lives. She has also been trained in group facilitation and has conducted numerous personal transformation workshops.

Since her first encounter with Buddhist teachings at the age of 15, her life has been greatly transformed. She now shares the teachings of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and aspires to assist in the awakening of individuals.


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