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Supplication to Bodhisattva Da Shi Zhi

Adorned by fragrance and light through constant remembrance of Buddha

Incessant repetition of Buddha’s epithet leads into complete enlightenment

Skilful means of Vajra nature are born of merciful compassion

Constantly follow Buddha’s activities to save all sentient beings from suffering

Everyone knows of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, but do you know who is Da Shi Zhi Bodhisattva? What can we learn from this Bodhisattva who is of Great Might?

Personally, I am greatly inspired by Da Shi Zhi Bodhisattva’s sharing in a Chapter in Surangama Sutra. He shared with Shakyamuni Buddha and all the Beings present of how He practised and gained His Realisation. We can all do the same, follow His example and reach the same state of Realisation.

His sharing comprised of 2 beautiful and touching analogies that are very relevant and beneficial for our lives and our spiritual practice and attainment. Also, in the Chapter, we learn that Da Shi Zhi Bodhisattva is still tirelessly assisting us today to gain Ultimate Bliss and Enlightenment. And for those of us who aspire to go home to Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land, He is definitely one of the Bodhisattvas who is closely and compassionately guiding us.

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