How does one tame the monkey mind and maintain a pure mind stream?

Master Yin Guang (1861 – 1941), the 13th Patriarch of Pure Land Tradition introduced and advocated the Ten Recitation Method that has immensely benefitted Practitioners all these decades.

More than 2500 years ago, Bodhisattva Da Shi Zhi taught us the foremost way of “restraining our six faculties and continuing one pure thought, so as to attain Samadhi (high level of concentrated meditation). Master Yin Guang, who is said to be a manifestation of Bodhisattva Da Shi Zhi, provided us the key to the attainment above by advocating the Ten Recitation Method.

Personally, I have been practicing this method and find it to be of utmost help in my spiritual practice. I am truly grateful. Hence, I would like to share with all present.

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