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2-Session Sharing On “The Sutra On Amitabha

Buddha Delivered By Shakyamuni Buddha”

As human beings, we have one thing in common: we search all our lives for lasting happiness.

Happiness can indeed be found. But it is not found in the places we ordinarily look, such as status, achievements, or family.

The Buddhas’ teachings have always shown us how to navigate life’s obstacles from a deep and abiding source of inner peace and bliss.

In these 2 sessions, by sharing about “The Sutra On Amitabha Buddha Delivered By Shakyamuni Buddha”, we will be guided to the enduring truths that can renew our hearts and finally provide real, lasting happiness.

Now that I have boarded the ship of

Amitabha Buddha’s Great Compassion,

Now that I am afloat on the vast ocean of brightness,

The breezes of supreme joy blow softly

And the waves of all woe are transformed.

© Good Hearts Vihara